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  • Member Darryl Smith is leading a walking tour of the Perryville Battlefield on May 17th. This will be a very good all-day event. Click here for more details.
  • The Fort Wright James A. Ramage Civil War Museum has a ton of activities coming up, including the Annual Blue and Gray Dinner April 24th. Check out their newsletter or view their website for more information.
  • The General William Lytle Camp 10 1st quarter newsletter is now available here.
  • The John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail guidebook for Ohio has been released by The links to purchase the guidebook from are now on the Morgan's Raid web site at

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Next Meeting: Thursday, May 15, 2014

Location: West Pavilion at Drake Center, 151 West Galbraith Road. (More information about Drake Center and driving directions here.)

Speaker: Greg Biggs, Clarksville (TN) Civil War Round Table

Topic: The Fall of Nashville and the Rise of the Sirens

For our May, 2014 meeting, we welcome back Clarksville (TN) Civil War Round Table member Greg Biggs. Greg previously spoke to us in 2009 on the actual Battle of Nashville. This month’s talk will be a prequel of sorts where Greg will talk about how the Nashville area became such a strategic area of the Western Theater in the first place. By late February 1862, the capital of Nashville had fallen to Union troops and most of Tennessee had been overrun. The causes of this debacle were numerous, from poor strategic planning, the loss of Forts Henry and Donelson and the collapse of the Confederate defense line from Cumberland Gap to Columbus, Kentucky. Greg will discuss how Nashville’s capture set into motion events for both sides. For the Union, it would become a massive supply depot from which the campaigns to take Georgia and Alabama and subdue the rest of Tennessee would be supplied. It also supplied the Union forces in the field countering the Confederate invasions in the fall of 1862 that tried to recapture the state. Of great interest is how the city became the political center of Tennessee Unionism. Guided by the hand of Military Governor Andrew Johnson, a U.S. Senator from East Tennessee, the state’s pro-Union stronghold, it was his mission to oversee the control of the state for the Union cause. His performance, certainly controversial, would earn him the nomination as Vice President in 1864. Johnson, of course, would become President after Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, a remarkably rapid progression traced back to a key north central Tennessee city.

This month’s talk will mark the seventh time Greg has spoken to us. Previous talks have focused on Nathan Bedford Forrest (1993 & 2000), the Atlanta Campaign (1994 & 1995), and the Confederate military infrastructure (“Confederate Department No. 2 – 2006). As many of us are aware, Greg’s resume in the Civil War community is quite extensive, but here are some notable highlights: Greg is currently the President & Program Chair for the Clarksville (TN) Civil War Round Table. He is also the Program Chair for the Nashville, TN Civil War Round Table. Greg has been a former Associate Editor for Blue & Gray Magazine. He has been Research Contributor or Primary Researcher for several books by well-known authors, including Gordon Rhea, Wiley Sword and Eric Wittenberg (forthcoming). Greg has published a number of articles in several Civil War publications, including Blue & Gray Magazine. He also writes a regular column on Civil War flags in Civil War News. As many of us also know, Greg is also a professional Civil War tour guide (He has just completed a tour of the Atlanta Campaign, which some of our members attended – and without a doubt immensely enjoyed!).

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