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About the Cincinnati CWRT

The Cincinnati Civil War Round Table, a 501 (C) 3 not-for-profit organization, is a group of men and women from the Greater Cincinnati area dedicated to the study and understanding of the American Civil War. Our membership includes both the novice and the expert, all of whom share an interest in the Round Table's focus on education and preservation activities related to the American Civil War period.

Constitution: Our Constitution and By-Laws are available for review here.

Membership in the Cincinnati CWRT is open to anyone with an active interest in the American Civil War. Annual dues (prorated throughout the year to new members) are $25 for a Regular Membership. This fee helps cover operating costs which include this newsletter, as well as speaker expenses. A Sustaining Member level of membership is also available for $50 (single) and $85 (couple). The purpose of this membership category is to encourage and recognize members who make additional contributions of $25 or more, in addition to their annual dues in any fiscal year, to the objectives and programs of the Cincinnati Civil War Round Table. If you are joining for the first time, there is a one-time, lifetime, initiation fee of $20.

New members can join now with Paypal:

 Once your payment has been submitted you will receive an emailed receipt from PayPal, and your contact information will be forwarded to our Treasurer.

Information for New Members: Orientation information for new members is available here.

CCWRT Listserv: Members who have an email address are automatically added to the CCWRT Listserv unless you specifically request that it be removed. The Listserv is the primary means by which we deliver the Canister to members, to minimize postage expense. However, it is also available to members to use to post questions or information for the other members of CCWRT. The Listserv is only available to CCWRT members.

Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at the Drake Center, 151 West Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45216 (telephone 513-418-2544).  The normal schedule is 6:00 PM for sign-in and conversation, 6:30 PM for dinner, and 7:15 PM for the meeting and program.

Driving directions:    From I-75: Take the Galbraith Road exit and go west one mile to Drake Center; use the third entrance, marked "West Pavilion." From Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway: Take the Galbraith Road exit and go west two miles, or take the Galbraith/Winton exit and go east one mile; use the parking entrance marked "West Pavilion."

Parking and Access: Free parking is available in the WEST PAVILION parking lot.  The West Pavilion entrance will take you to the meeting rooms.  To get to our meeting room:

  • Go through the archway on the left as you enter the west entrance of the Drake. (See the Arrow on the picture to help find the archway.)
  • Go straight ahead past the cafeteria then on directly to the end of the large room.
  • As you walk to the rear of the large room, check out the beautiful garden outside on the left. The Drake staff tells us that in the fall or spring, if we like, we could use the garden space for a cookout meal.
  • If you are now at the end of the large room, you are now there; the new location for the Cincinnati Civil War Round Table’s meeting/dinner.

Dinner Reservations are required, and can be made prior to the reservation deadline (8:00 PM, Wednesday one week before the meeting) either by an e-mail to or by a phone call to the officer taking reservations for the meeting (whose name and number are listed on the header of the current Canister). Meals currently cost $20. Menu selection will change with each meeting.

A Meeting-Only Fee of $5 is assessed to members, visitors, and guests who arrive after dinner to hear the speaker. The monies collected are used to help offset the expenses of the evening's activities.

Late Reservations and Walk-ins without a reservation: Our ability to be flexible for late reservations or walk-ins is restricted by the fact that the caterer will prepare only the number of meals reserved.  Therefore, Late Reservations (after Wednesday one week prior to the meeting) will only be accepted conditionally, subject to a cancellation or no-show. Late Reservations and Walk-ins without a reservation will only be able to have dinner if offset by cancellations or no-shows. 

Late cancellations may be made by email or phone.  Since a cancellation after the Wednesday deadline means that CCWRT has guaranteed payment to the caterer for the reserved number of meals, the Treasurer will review the number of late cancellations and late reservations for every meeting.  If a late cancellation results in CCWRT’s being required to pay for an extra meal, the person making the late cancellation will be expected to pay for the dinner.  No-shows who have a dinner reservation but do not attend will be billed for the meal. 

Inclement Weather & Possible Meeting Cancellations: CCWRT has been fortunate in that bad weather has forced us to cancel a meeting only two times in the last fifteen years, but we want to be prepared to communicate last minute information on meeting day if necessary. If bad weather makes the streets difficult to travel, you can check the following sources to determine if the meeting is still on or if it has been cancelled:

  • Check the home page on our web site at We will post a simple update informing the membership that the meeting has either been cancelled or it is still on.
  • Check your email for an update. If the weather leaves you wondering whether we'll meet or not, the CCWRT Listserv will be used to communicate the latest information to members who have provided us their email address.
  • Call the Drake Conference Center at 513-418-2500 and inquire about the status of the meeting. If we decide to cancel, they will be the first to know and their switchboard operators will be informed.
  • Call Tom Williams, President, at 513-563-2665.

Tom will make the decision on the status of the meeting by noon the day of the meeting. The decision will be based on the condition of the roads, the safety of our members, the status of the speaker, and the Drake Meeting Center’s ability to serve us. If a cancellation is required, we will have a June meeting to make up for the cancelled date because we are contractually obligated for eight meetings per year.

Current Officers:    
Name Phone Number E-mail
President - Lester Burgin 513-891-0610 Lester Burgin
Vice-President - Dave Stockdale 513-821-7405 Dave Stockdale
Treasurer - Jim Stewart 513-271-0738 Jim Stewart
Secretary - Don Vogel 859-360-9455 Don Vogel
Program Chair - Dan Bauer 513-759-4495 Dan Bauer
Newsletter Editor - Dave Mowery 513-744-9544 Dave Mowery
Membership & Publicity Chair - Darryl Smith 513-321-1539 Darryl Smith
Tom Williams (2016-2018) 513-608-4391 Tom Williams
Bob Limoseth (2015-2017) 513-777-2160 Bob Limoseth
2016-2017 Committees    
Webmaster - Mike Rogers   Mike Rogers
CCWRT ListServ - Mike Rogers   Mike Rogers
Preservation Projects- vacant    
Photographer - Mike Rogers   Mike Rogers
Activities Committee - Darryl Smith 513-321-1539 Darryl Smith
Social Media - Darryl Smith, Jenny Smith, Mike Rogers  

Darryl Smith
Jenny Smith
Mike Rogers

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