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Past Presentations to the Cincinnati CWRT

1956 to 2013

Nov, 1956

J. Louis Warm

The Man Who Created Lincoln

Apr, 1957

Joseph S. Stern, Jr.

The Tragedy of the Crater

Sep, 1957

Howard Grey

Jefferson Davis

Nov, 1957

Ernest I. Miller

The Valley of East Tennessee in the Civil War

Feb, 1958

Stephen Z. Starr

Winston Churchill and the American Civil War

Apr, 1958

Charles S. Adams

Cincinnati's Forgotten General

Sep, 1958

Thomas S. Holt

Shoulder Arms of the Civil War

Nov, 1958

Jerry Flaig

The Causes of the Civil War

Feb, 1959

John W. Krausser

The Confederate Navy: too Little, Too Late

Apr, 1959

W.R. Northlich

General Nathan B. Forrest

Oct, 1959

Lawrence M. Pockras

That Damned Black Hulk: The USS Chickasaw

Dec, 1959

C.T. Clyne

Andersonville & Other Civil War Prisons, North & South

Jan, 1960

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

The Stonewall Brigade

Feb, 1960

Dr. John W. Miller

Copperhead Activities

Sep, 1960

Arthur J. Hayes

Shattered Thunderbolt: 1st Reg. Minnesota Vols.

Oct, 1960

Dr. Joseph Holliday

The Election of 1860


Frank A. Koch

The Vicksburg Campaign

Feb, 1961

W. Power Clancy

Confederate Finance and Supply

Apr, 1961

Stephen Z. Starr

Grant and Thomas

Sep, 1961

Roger W. Parry

Design, Delusion, Defeat: Confederate Foreign Policy

Oct, 1961

Joseph S. Stern, Jr.

The Siege of Cincinnati


Arthur R. Stone


Jan, 1962

Frank Klement

Knights of the Golden Circle

Feb, 1962

Thos. J. McHugh

Hand Arms of the Civil War

Mar, 1962

Edison H. Thomas

The Andrews Raid

Apr, 1962

Herbert F. Koch

The Moon Sisters

Sep, 1962

Dale O. Turner

Missouri in the C.S.A.

Oct, 1962

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

Gen. James Longstreet

Nov, 1962

Alan T. Nolan

The Iron Brigade

Jan, 1963

Dr. Don R. Schulte

Medical Aspects of the Civil War

Feb, 1963

Fred A. Breyer

Lincoln's Doctor's Dog

Mar, 1963

James Barnett

Germans in the Union Army

Apr, 1963

Col. Hal Engerud

The Battle of Munfordville

Sep, 1963

James H. Honnert

Union Prisoners of War

Oct, 1963

Carl M. Jensen, et al

A Symposium

Nov, 1963

Stephen Z. Starr

The Northwest Conspiracy

Feb, 1964

John A. Diehl

Bridges and RR's in the Civil War

Mar, 1964

Ralph Smith

R. E. Lee, Educator

Apr, 1964

Jack R. Brown

Where They Lie

Sep, 1964

Fred S. Morrison

Artillery in the Civil War

Oct, 1964

Judge Earl R. Hoover

Benjamin Hanby: Stephen Foster of Ohio

Nov, 1964

Lawrence M. Pockras

The Other Jeff Davis

Jan, 1965

William C. Moffat, Jr.

Soldier's Pay

Feb, 1965

Major Gordon Brigham

The Battle of Wilson's Creek

Mar, 1965

William C. March

Food and Rations in the Civil War

Apr, 1965

Stephen Z. Starr

Appomattox -- 100 Years Later

Sep, 1965

James Barnett

Munfordville in the Civil War

Oct, 1965

Dr. R. Gerald McMurtry

Puzzling Aspects of Lincoln's Assassination

Nov, 1965

Jack T. Hutchinson

Blue Grass and Mountain Laurel

Jan, 1966

Abe Davis

Fort Pillow

Feb, 1966

Donald J. Haynes

Sherman's Second March: Wilson's Cavalry Raid

Mar, 1966

Vernon Weis

Jackson's Valley Campaign

Apr, 1966

Dr. R. Gerald McMurtry

The Women in Lincoln's Life

Sep, 1966

Dale O. Turner

And on this Rock: The Foundation of the C.S.A.

Oct, 1966

Robert J. Younger

Hiram Bledsoe's First Missouri Battery, C.S.A.

Nov, 1966

James Blount

The 35th OVI: Frustration and Glory

Jan, 1967

Stephen Z. Starr

The Other Pickett

Feb, 1967

Warren J. Shonert

An Unwritten Page of History

Mar, 1967

Paul Ashworth

Photography in the Civil War

Apr, 1967

Dr. Burton J. Williams

Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence, Kansas

Sep, 1967

Dr. Lloyd Ostendorf

The Magnetism of Lincoln

Oct, 1967

Dr. Byron Stinson

Psychiatry in the Civil War

Nov, 1967

Judge Milton D. Holmes

The Chancellorsville Campaign

Jan, 1968

Col. Allen P. Julian

Sherman's Campaign for Atlanta

Feb, 1968

Ralph W. Donnelly

The Confederate States Marine Corps

Mar, 1968

Lloyd C. Savage

Music in the Civil War

Apr, 1968

William H. Townsend

Cassius M. Clay, The Lion of Whitehall

Sep, 1968

Edwin C. Bearss

Sinking and Salvage of the USS Cairo

Oct, 1968

John A. Smith

Civil War Governors

Nov, 1968

Neville Bayless

Pamunkey-Chickahominy Expedition, 1862

Jan, 1969

John A. Diehl

The Saga of the Sultana

Feb, 1969

Thomas D. Schiffer

Long Arms of the Civil War

Mar, 1969

Col. Allen P. Julian

The Real Margaret Mitchell

Apr, 1969

Dr. Warner Peck

Civil War Medicine

Sep, 1969

Paul Ashworth

Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville: Then and now

Oct, 1969

Stanley A. Hooker

The Military Telegraph

Nov, 1969

Randall Haines

The Confederate Revolution

Jan, 1970

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

Digger O'Dells of the 1860's

Feb, 1970

James L. Blount

The Cavalry Myth

Mar, 1970

Al Banton

Vicksburg, Stronghold of the West

Sep, 1970

Stephen Z. Starr

Officers and Gentlemen

Oct, 1970

Paul Ashworth

Jefferson Davis -- Open Discussion

Nov, 1970

Dr. Jeff Kimball

Why the North Won The Civil War

Jan, 1971

John A. Diehl

Dear Ida

Feb, 1971

James Barnett

Clausewitz and the Civil War

Mar, 1971

Dr. James I. Robertson

Johnny Reb and the Fair Sex

Apr, 1971

Dale O. Turner

Holly Springs: The Story of the Most Unusual Town in the War

Sep, 1971

Wayne L. Sanford

291 Days at Petersburg

Oct, 1971

Dr. John N. Dickinson

Gen. John A. Logan

Nov, 1971

Robert Grierson

Gen. Dan Sickles

Jan, 1972

James L. Blount

From Appomattox to San Juan Hill

Feb, 1972

Dr. John W. Miller

Copperhead Activities

Mar, 1972

Ralph G. Newman

When the Lights Go On Again at Ford's Theater

Apr, 1972

Robert L. Endres

Old Rosie Reaps the Whirlwind

Sep, 1972

Wayne L. Sanford

Gen. Stonewall Jackson

Oct, 1972

John T. Hubbell

James Birdseye McPherson

Jan, 1973

Robert H. Fowler

New Discoveries About The Civil War

Feb, 1973

B. Franklin Cooling

The Defenses of Washington

Mar, 1973

David S. Woods

Edwin M. Stanton -- An Impersonation

Apr, 1973

Dale O. Turner

Six Flags To Glory

Sep, 1973

James Barnett

The Cincinnati Press Reports the Civil War

Oct, 1973

Dr. Grady McWhiney

Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat

Nov, 1973

Myron J. Smith

Capt. Henry Walke, Fighting Buckeye Naval Captain

Jan, 1974

James M. Honnert

Custer, The War Years

Mar, 1974

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

Lee and Jackson: A Character Analysis

Apr, 1974

Vernon Weis

The Gatling Gun, A Lost Opportunity

Sep, 1974

William E. Bain

Little Drummer Boy: Johnny Shiloh

Oct, 1974

Stephen Z. Starr

Border Ruffians and Jayhawkers

Nov, 1974

Randall Haines

George Nicholas Sanders

Jan, 1975

Wilbur G. Kurtz, Jr.

The Andrews Raid

Feb, 1975

Paul Ashworth

Lucky Old Sam

Mar, 1975

Wayne L. Sanford

Corporal Witmer's War

Apr, 1975

Marion Frommel

The Navy in Western Waters

Sep, 1975

Robert B. Maddox

Winfield Scott, Brevet Lt. Gen. USA

Oct, 1975

Gordon Whitney

The Battle of Nashville

Nov, 1975

Henry M. Stock III

Colonel Henry Michael Sabel

Jan, 1976

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

Holy Joe's of the 1860's

Feb, 1976

Frederick Klein

J.E.B. Stuart

Mar, 1976

Alice Hamilton Cromie

Experiences While Researching a Civil War Tour Guide

Apr, 1976

W. Sanford & H. Grube

Lincoln's Assassination

Sep, 1976

Larry Hanneken

Civil War Equipment

Oct, 1976

James R. Adams

Waterloo and Gettysburg

Nov, 1976

Harry T. Grube

The U.S. Mobilizes for War with Emphasis on Indiana

Jan, 1977

Charles Hinds

Confederate Governors of Kentucky

Feb, 1977

P. Ashworth & Henry Stock

The Case Against Stanton

Mar, 1977

Mrs. John McIntosh

Lady's Night

Apr, 1977

Lowell H. Harrison

Civil War in Kentucky: Some Persistent Questions

Sep, 1977

Jack Bunch

Civil War Medicine

Oct, 1977

James Barnett

The Ordeal of Enoch O. Wold

Nov, 1977

John C. Wallace

Small Arms Manufacture During the Civil War

Jan, 1978


Meeting Cancelled by Blizzard

Feb, 1978

Stephen Z. Starr

Meade, Sherman, Stuart and the Muse of History

Mar, 1978

Samuel S. Moore

Jefferson Davis

Apr, 1978

Jack R. Brown

Where They Lie

May, 1978

Dr. Walter L. Williams

Black Troops in the Union Army

Sep, 1978

Wayne L. Sanford

John Brown and Harper's Ferry

Oct, 1978

Michael Rhein

Robert E. Lee: The Post War Years

Nov, 1978

Dr. Roger Daniels

Immigrants in the Civil War

Jan, 1979

Dr. Zane Miller

An Urban Perspective

Feb, 1979

James M. Honnert

The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln

Mar, 1979

Althea Scholl

Descendants of Confederates in Brazil

Apr, 1979

Paul Ashworth

Our Innovative Civil War

Sep, 1979

James Barnett

Custer's Postwar Career

Oct, 1979

Gordon Whitney

Gen. Jefferson Davis, USA

Nov, 1979

John A. Lloyd

Lincoln Defends America

Jan, 1980

Arnold Briggs

Sherman: The Man and the Soldier

Feb, 1980

John C. Wallace

Stoneman's Last Raid

Mar, 1980

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

Confederate Generals: The Heroic and the Hilarious

Apr, 1980

Walter L. Williams

The American Indian in the Civil War

Sep, 1980

Mike Dunnington

Confederate Soldier in Costume

Oct, 1980

Thomas S. Dickey

Civil War Artillery: Battles and Lessons They Taught

Nov, 1980

James Honnert

The Glory to God Man

Jan, 1981

A. Briggs & P. Ashworth

Debate: Sherman's Military Value

Feb, 1981

Robert L. Endres

Buchanan and Farragut

Mar, 1981

Chris Caulkins

Lt. Calkins of the 26th Michigan

Apr, 1981

Frank Rankin

Eli Bruce

Sep, 1981

Arnold Briggs

Grenville Dodge: Sherman's Railroad General

Oct, 1981

John Bourke

Civil War Artifacts

Nov, 1981

P. Ashworth & A. Briggs

Defense of the Tri-Cities

Jan, 1982

Michael Adams

Psychological Aspects of Confederate Domination

Feb, 1982

Carl Rich

Morgan is Coming

Mar, 1982

Robert K. Krick

The Amazing Civil War Experiences of E. P. Alexander

Apr, 1982

Kenneth A. Hafendorfer

The Battle of Perryville

Sep, 1982

Paul Ashworth

Gettysburg: Then and Now

Oct, 1982

James Honnert

General William Haines Lytle of Cincinnati

Nov, 1982

Kent M. Brown

Lee's Retreat from Gettysburg

Jan, 1983

Charlie Waits

Letters From Sgt. Jacob Frintz, 28th OVI

Feb, 1983

Charles H. Bogart

The Career of the U.S.S. Rhode Island

Mar, 1983

Mrs. Marion Smith

Brigadier General Morgan L. Smith

Apr, 1983

Dr. Thomas P. Sweeney

An Eyewitness Account of the Battle of Wilson's Creek

Sep, 1983

James Honnert

Pickett's Charge

Oct, 1983

Roland Lowery

Battery I, First Ohio Volunteer Artillery

Nov, 1983

Dr. Walter Williams

Why Europe Did Not Intervene in the Civil War

Jan, 1984

Geof Giglerano

A City Touched By War: How the War Affected Cincinnati

Feb, 1984

Charles H. Bogart

Commanche: The Ship That Sank Before She Was Launched

Mar, 1984

Dan Haughey

Mr. U.S. Grant

Apr, 1984

Leonard Adler

John Pope and Command in Virginia

Sep, 1984

Michael Rhein

An Analysis of the Robert E. Lee Mystique

Oct, 1984

James Honnert

The Battle of Franklin: Hood's Ohio Dream Fades

Nov, 1984

Robert Wehr, Sr.

Eli Parker

Jan, 1985

Charlie Waits

Cedar Key, Florida and the War

Feb, 1985

Jim Blount

Prisoners of War

Mar, 1985

Dr. William Norris

James Edward Murdock

Apr, 1985

A. Briggs and P. Ashworth

Longstreet at Gettysburg: A debate

Sep, 1985

James Honnert

Our Unbelievable Civil War

Oct, 1985

Robert Endres

David Dixon Porter: The Pursuit of Fame and Fortune

Nov, 1985

Richard Crawford

Clermont County and Morgan's Raid

Jan, 1986

Tony Trimble

Sherman's March

Feb, 1986

Bob Fritsch

The Battle of Kolb's Farm

Mar, 1986

Ken Masterson Brown

The People of Gettysburg

Apr, 1986

Alan T. Nolan

The Iron Brigade and the Reason Why

May, 1986

George W. Cheffy

Secession: Some Views From The Bench and the Bar

Sep, 1986

Dr. Jim Ramage

The Death of John Hunt Morgan

Oct, 1986

James Honnert

An Appraisal of Civil War Generals on Both Sides

Nov, 1986

Richard Crawford

U.S. Grant's Boyhood in Brown and Clermont Counties

Jan, 1987

K. Brown and M. Krolick

Debate: Stuart at Gettysburg

Feb, 1987

Dr. Esly Caldwell

Black Physicians in the Civil War

Mar, 1987

Nicky Hughes

Experiences of a Union Private from Kentucky

Apr, 1987

Dr. Gordon Damman

Medicine in the Civil War

May, 1987

Lon Keim

Collecting Civil War Belt Buckles

Sep, 1987

James Honnert

The Greatest Day in Abraham Lincoln's Life

Oct, 1987

Dr. Dean W. Lambert

When the Ripe Pear Falls: The Battle of Richmond, KY

Nov, 1987

Gordon Whitney

Hollow Victories: The Second Day at Chickamauga

Jan, 1988

A. Wilson Greene

Stonewall Jackson and the Second Manassas Campaign

Feb, 1988

Edwin C. Bearss

Assaults at Vicksburg: May, 1863

Mar, 1988

Karen Nichols

A Day in the Life of a Victorian Woman

Apr, 1988

Wiley Sword

Shiloh: The Pearl Harbor of the Civil War

May, 1988

Dr. Gary Gallagher

The Unpublished Porter Alexander

Sep, 1988

James Honnert

Humor in the Civil War

Oct, 1988

Dr. William W. Hassler

A. P. Hill: Lee's Forgotten General

Nov, 1988

Howie Madaus

Confederate Civil War Battle Flags

Jan, 1989

Marshall Krolick

The Union Cavalry in the Chancellorsville Campaign

Feb, 1989

Alan T. Nolan

The Generalship of R. E. Lee

Mar, 1989

Lady's Night

Dedication of Ft. Washington Flag

Apr, 1989

Rick Hatcher

The Campaign and Battle of Wilson's Creek

May, 1989

Robert K. Krick

Stonewall Jackson at Cedar Mountain

Sep, 1989

James Honnert

Boston Corbett: The Glory to God Man

Oct, 1989

Lowell Reidenbaugh

Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign

Nov, 1989

David Finney

The Final Days of Stonewall Jackson

Jan, 1990

Dr. Kenneth Hafendorfer

Bragg's Kentucky Invasion

Feb, 1990

David M. Smith

The Emergence of Jackson and Longstreet

Mar, 1990

Billie Broaddus

The Letters of Benjamin Askue of the 23d OVI

Apr, 1990

Dr. Weldon Petz

A Pilgrimage with Abraham Lincoln

May, 1990

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

Johnny Reb and Billy Yank

Sep, 1990

James Honnert

Our Unbelievable Civil War

Oct, 1990

Steve Pierson

General Robert H. Milroy

Nov, 1990

Larry Strayer

The Atlanta Campaign

Jan, 1991

Michael Rhein

R. E. Lee at Washington College

Feb, 1991

Edwin C. Bearss

Cavalrymen For The Ages: Jeb Stuart and Bedford Forrest

Mar, 1991

Ken Kepf

Hubert Dilger's Battery

Apr, 1991

No Meeting

1991 10th Annual Midwest CWRT Conference

May, 1991

Thomas L. Breiner

The Battle of Ball's Bluff

Sep, 1991

David M. Smith

They Were Made For Each Other: Pope and McClellan at 2d Manassas

Oct, 1991

Brooks Davis

The Grand Army of the Republic

Nov, 1991

Dr. Lloyd Hunter

A Look At Lost Cause Religion

Jan, 1992

Michael Rhein

The Mystique of Robert E. Lee

Feb, 1992

Joan Shore

Givers of the Kindly Hand

Mar, 1992

Terry Winschel

To Rescue Fortress Gibraltar

Apr, 1992

George Rable

Butler, Sherman and Rebel Belles

May, 1992

Dennis E. Frye

Mosby and Sheridan

Sep, 1992

Eric Wittenberg

Joshua Chamberlain: The Fighting Professor

Oct, 1992

Dick Skidmore

Lew Wallace and Shiloh

Nov, 1992

Dr. James Ramage

John Hunt Morgan's Ohio Raid

Jan, 1993

Dr. Archie McDonald

Jed Hotchkiss: Jackson's Mapmaker

Feb, 1993

Richard Swigert

The U.S.S. Monitor

Mar, 1993

David M. Smith

The Atlanta Campaign: From Dalton to the Chattahootchie

Apr, 1993

Thomas L. Breiner

The Battle of Ball's Bluff

May, 1993

Ken Ramsey

War On The Kansas Border

Sep, 1993

James Honnert

An Appraisal of Civil War Generals

Oct, 1993

Greg Biggs

Forrest at Brice's Crossroads

Nov, 1993

Thomas L. Breiner

The Civil War at Sea

Jan, 1994

Meeting Cancelled

Inclement Weather Forces Cancellation

Feb, 1994

A. Wilson Greene

The Unfortunate Army of the Potomac

Mar, 1994

Joan Shore

Bloomers and Petticoats

Apr, 1994

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

Why The Civil War Still Lives

May, 1994

Michael Rhein

R. E. Lee's Post-war Trip Through The South

Sep, 1994

Prof. Samuel McSeveney

Bullets and Ballots

Oct, 1994

Karel Lea Biggs

Sam Davis, Confederate Spy

Nov, 1994

Greg Biggs

The Atlanta Campaign

Jan, 1995

David M. Smith

James Longstreet at Chickamauga

Feb, 1995

Lowell Reidenbaugh

Mrs. Stonewall Jackson

Mar, 1995

Dan Reigle

The Battle of Cedar Creek

Apr, 1995

Terry Winschel

In Defense of Vicksburg

May, 1995

Roger Billings

Lincoln's Cincinnati Connections

Sep, 1995

Alan Hinds

The Battle of Mobile Bay

Oct, 1995

Greg Biggs

The Atlanta Campaign, Part Two

Nov, 1995

Eric Wittenberg

John Buford at Gettysburg

Jan, 1996

Rex Felton

The Confederate Postal System

Feb, 1996

Wayne Motts

Ohio at Gettysburg

Mar, 1996

Thomas L. Breiner

The Battle of Mill Springs

Apr, 1996

No Meeting

16th Annual Midwest CWRT Conference

May, 1996

Jim Epperson

Debunking The Myths: The Battle of the Wilderness

Sep, 1996

David M. Smith

John C. Pemberton and Joseph E. Johnston at Vicksburg

Oct, 1996

Craig Dunn

Iron Men, Iron Will: The Men of the 19th Indiana

Nov, 1996

Ed Frank

The Little Bugs Speak

Jan, 1997

Dr. Esly Caldwell

Disease and the Civil War

Feb, 1997

Michael Rhein

Cincinnati's General: William Haines Lytle

Mar, 1997

Nikki Schofield

Anna Jackson in Person

Apr, 1997

Ethan Rafuse

Typhoid and Tumult: McClellan and the Winter of 61-62

May, 1997

David Bastian

Grant's Canal at Vicksburg

Sep, 1997

Scott Patchan

Forgotten Fury: The Battle of Piedmont

Oct, 1997

Greg & Karel Lea Biggs

How Johnny Got His Gun, and Jane Coped

Nov, 1997

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

Stonewall Jackson

Jan, 1998

David M. Smith

To Arms: The Defense of Cincinnati

Feb, 1998

Thomas L. Breiner

The Fall of New Orleans

Mar, 1998

Brian Pohanka

When The Civil War Meets Hollywood

Apr, 1998

Behringer-Crawford Museum

The Fortifications of Northern Kentucky

May, 1998

David Mowery

Following the Footsteps of a Soldier

Sep, 1998

Larry Emley

Microcosm of the Civil War: The Battle of Saltville

Oct, 1998

Brooks D. Simpson

Preserving The Fruits of Victory: U.S. Grant and Reconstruction

Nov, 1998

Kathie Watson

Music and Poetry of the War Between the States

Jan, 1999

Jack Simon

Ohio Civil War Prisons

Feb, 1999

David M. Smith

He Always Stops To Quarrel: The Mystery of Braxton Bragg

Mar, 1999

Jim Gindlesperger

Escape From Libby Prison

Apr, 1999

Chuck Ten Brink

The Art of the Artilleryman

May, 1999

Jim Epperson

The Collapse of the Prisoner of War Exchange Cartel

Sep, 1999

Thomas L. Breiner

James Longstreet and the Siege of Suffolk

Oct, 1999

Michael Rhein

William H. Lytle & The 10th OVI at Carnifax Ferry

Nov, 1999

James B. Cash

Ohio's Civil War Presidents

Jan, 2000

Greg Biggs

Nathan Bedford Forrest: Napoleonic Cavalryman

Feb, 2000

Dr. James Ramage

John S Mosby: The Gray Ghost

Mar, 2000

Craig Symonds

Confederate Stonewall of the West: Pat Cleburne

Apr, 2000

Dr. James Caster

Stand Watie and the Cherokee Brigade

May, 2000

M. Stretch & G. Knepp

Camp Dennison in the Civil War

Sep, 2000

Jack Waugh

The Politics of the 1864 Presidential Election

Oct, 2000

Larry Emley

Northern Generals in Gray

Nov, 2000

Lester Horwitz

John Hunt Morgan's Raid

Jan, 2001

Thomas L. Breiner

Richard Ewell and Confederate Controversies

Feb, 2001

David M. Smith

Confederate Command Failure at Vicksburg

Mar, 2001

Edwin C. Bearss

Significance of the Battle of Perryville

Apr, 2001

Dr. William G. Piston

The Battle of Wilson's Creek

May, 2001

Brian D. Hampton

A Critical Analysis of James Longstreet at Gettysburg

Sep, 2001

Roger Arthur

The Traitor Vallandigham

Oct, 2001

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

Robert E. Lee and the Verdict of History

Nov, 2001

Sondra Bubenhofer

Antebellum Cultural Influences on Jackson and Sherman

Jan, 2002

Jack Simon

Cincinnati Civil War Hospitals

Feb, 2002

Nikki Schofield

The Confederate Secret Service of Canada

Mar, 2002

Gordon Whitney

Sherman's Fighting Lieutenant: General Jefferson C. Davis

Apr, 2002

Ed Frank

The Meriwethers of Memphis and St. Louis

May, 2002

Dr. Art Bergeron

Like Weitzel Took Richmond

Sep, 2002

Dr. Hugh Earnhardt

Andrew A. Humphreys

Oct, 2002

Albert Hallenberg

Civil War Genealogy

Nov, 2002

Jim Epperson

A Fort for a State

Jan, 2003


Meeting Cancelled Due to Weather

Feb, 2003

Mike Rhein

William Lytle at Perryville

Mar, 2003

Kris Teters

Hood's Texas Brigade at Antietam

Apr, 2003


No Meeting

May, 2003

Dr. Ken Noe

This Grand Havoc of Battle

Sep, 2003

Jamie Ryan

The Court Marshal of FitzJohn Porter

Oct, 2003

Dave Smith

Events Leading Up To The Siege of Cincinnati, Sept. 1862

Nov, 2003

Dr. Esly Caldwell

The US Sanitary Commission

Jan, 2004

Jack Simon

After The Battles -The Grand Army of the Republic

Feb, 2004

Larry Southwick

Railroads and the Civil War

Mar, 2004

Jack Bunch

The Court Martial of Two Rhode Island Cavalrymen

Apr, 2004

Eric Wittenberg

A Critical Look at Phil Sheridan

May, 2004

Chris Phillips

The Civil War and Regional Identity In the Lower Ohio Valley

Sep, 2004

Dr. James Ramage

John Hunt Morgan in Perspective

Oct, 2004

Mike Rhein

William Haines Lytle at Chickamauga

Nov, 2004

Larry Emley

Turner Ashby

Jan, 2005

Tom Breiner

Rebels Down Under: The CSS Shenandoah

Feb, 2005

Dave Smith

Stranger than Braxton Bragg - Henry Halleck

Mar, 2005

Jim Epperson

Sheridan, Warren and the Battle of Five Forks

Apr, 2005

Albert Hallenberg

Valor Beyond Duty: Ohio African American Troops in the Civil War

May, 2005

Dr. Brooks Simpson

Enemies to the Rear: Ulysses S. Grant, 1861-1863

Sep, 2005

Dr. Stephen Engle

Napoleon Buell: McClellan of the West

Oct, 2005

Mike Grimes

Music and its Impact on the Civil War

Nov, 2005

Dr. Stephen Rockenbach

War Upon Our Border: War and Society in Two Ohio Valley Communities

Jan, 2006

Kirk Jenkins

Fifteenth Kentucky Infantry

Feb, 2006

Paul LaRue & WCH Senior Research History Class

A Look at the Civil War: Presented by the Washington High School Research History Class

Mar, 2006

Dr. David Bush

Preservation of the Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Depot

Apr, 2006

Dr. James Ramage, Jeannine Kreinbrink, Larry Klein

Battery Hooper Park & the James A. Ramage Civil War Museum

May, 2006

Dr. Christopher Phillips

General Nathaniel Lyon

Sep, 2006

A. Wilson Greene

Petersburg: Confederate City in the Crucible of War

Oct, 2006

Dr. James I. Robertson Jr.

Reflections on the Civil War Centennial (CCWRT 50th Anniversary Meeting

Nov, 2006

Greg Biggs

The Crack of Doom: The Collapse of Confederate Department No. 2

Jan, 2007 Dr. John Cimprich The Fort Pillow Massacre

Feb, 2007

Maj. Erick Bush

The Civil War in Alabama

Mar, 2007

Jack Simon

Many a Mighty Fortress: The Third System Coastal Defenses During the Civil War

Apr, 2007

Terry Winschel

Companion to the Fishes: The Saga of the Gunboat USS Cincinnati

May, 2007

Harold George

Men of the 9th Ohio Independent Battery, Light Artillery

Sep, 2007

Barbara Butler Davis

Affectionately Yours: Civil War Home--Front Letters of the Ovid Butler Family

Oct, 2007

Richard M. McMurry

A Georgian Looks at Sherman

Nov, 2007

Gary Ecelbarger

The Unheralded Alliance: John "Black Jack" Logan and Ulysses S. Grant

Jan, 2008

Erick Bush

The Civil War in Hampton Roads, 1861-1862

Feb, 2008

Dr. Robert L. McLaurin

River Navies: The Forgotten Warriors

Mar, 2008

Gary Q. Johnson

The CSS Hunley: A Weapon Before Its Time

Apr, 2008

Ray Mulesky

Thunder from a Clear Sky: Stovepipe Johnson's Confederate Raid on Newburgh IN

May, 2008

Joseph R. Reinhart

August Willich's Gallant Dutchmen: Bullets, Bayonets and Beer

Sep, 2008

John F. Marszalek

Lincoln's Hope for Victory: Henry W. Halleck, The General Who Refused to Command

Oct, 2008

Roger Billings

Lincoln at the Civil War Battlefields

Nov, 2008

Edwin C. Bearss

Jefferson Davis' Flight, Capture, & Captivity

Jan, 2009

Tom Breiner & Richard Swigert

Relieved of Command at Five Forks: G. K. Warren: Right or Wrong?

Feb, 2009

Stanley A. Wernz

An Evening with Abraham Lincoln

Mar, 2009

Alan Berenson

Robert E. Lee, 1865-1870

Apr, 2009

Kevin J. Weddle

Lincoln's Tragic Admiral: Samuel Francis DuPont

May, 2009

Greg Biggs

Nashville: The Siren's Song of the Western Confederacy

Sep, 2009

Brian Steel Wills

Nathan Bedford Forrest: Common Sense Soldier

Oct, 2009

John Haas

To Battle for God and the Right: The Civil War Letterbooks of Emerson Opdycke

Nov, 2009

Charles P. Roland

A Slave Owner Defends Slavery

Jan, 2010

Gary Q. Johnson

The Monitor Class Ironclads: At the Dawn of Industrialized Warfare

Feb, 2010

Kris Teters

A Contested Past: Alabama's Centennial Commemoration of the Civil War

Mar, 2010

Lois Lambert

Heroes of the Western Theater: 33rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Apr, 2010

John Fazio

Francis & Arabella Barlow; John & Fanny Gordon: Love and War

May, 2010

Dale Phillips

The Real First Day of Chickamauga: September 18, 1863

Sep, 2010

Robert E. L. Krick

"Bombproof Officers" or Backbone of the Army: A Look at Staff Officers in the Army of Northern Virginia

Oct, 2010

Phillip Seyfrit, Madison County (KY) Historic Properties Director

The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky

Nov, 2010

Eric Wittenberg, Columbus, Ohio

Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg

Jan, 2011

Meeting Cancelled Due to Snowstorm

Feb, 2011

Ralph Arnold, CCWRT

Railroads of the Confederacy

Mar, 2011

Martin Stewart, Troy OH

Redemption: The 71st OVI in the Civil War

Apr, 2011

Harold Holzer, New York Metropolitan Museum

How Lincoln Became President--In Ohio

May, 2011

Thomas Cartwright, Lotz House Civil War Museum

Humor in the Civil War

June, 2011

Pat Homan, CCWRT

Paved with Good Intentions: The Road to War

Sept, 2011

Jeffrey A. Hill, Hilliard OH

26th OVVI: The Groundhog Regiment

Oct, 2011

Frank J. Williams, Providence RI

Abraham Lincoln: The Evolving Commander-in-Chief

Nov, 2011

Peter Cozzens, Rockville MD

Cahaba: The Forgotten Prison

Jan, 2012

Gary Q. Johnson, CCWRT

The Squeeze in the Anaconda Plan: America's First 600 Ship Navy

Feb, 2012

James A. Ramage, Northern Kentucky University

Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and the Civil War in Kentucky

Mar, 2012

Jill Holt, CCWRT

Women Soldiers in the Civil War

Apr, 2012

Thomas R. Flagel, Columbia State Community College

Appomattox: The Place of Lee's Surrender and a National Resurrection

May, 2012

Lesley J. Gordon, University of Akron

A Broken Regiment: The 16th Connecticut's Civil War

Sept, 2012

Charles Bracelen Flood, Richmond KY

Ulysses S. Grant's Final Victory

Oct, 2012

W. Hunter Lesser, Elkins WV

The First Campaign: Western Virginia, 1861

Nov, 2012

Frank O'Reilly, Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania NMP

The Battle of Fredericksburg

Jan, 2013

Ralph Arnold, CCWRT

The Andrews Raid

Feb, 2013

Don Heinrich Tolzmann, Cincinnati OH

War within a War: The Sioux Uprising of 1862

Mar, 2013

Dr. Gary Zola, Hebrew Union College

Revocation of General Grant's Orders No. 11

Apr, 2013

David L. Mowery, CCWRT & Ohio Civil War Trails Commission

America's Longest Cavalry Ride: Morgan's 1863 Raid Around Cincinnati

May, 2013

Gail Stephens, Monocacy National Battlefield

General Lew Wallace

September 2013 Gary D. Joiner, PhD Red River Campaign
October 2013 Stuart Sanders Perryville Under Fire: The Aftermath of Kentucky's Largest Civil War Battle
November 21, 2013 Gary Knepp Camp Dennison
January 16, 2014 Gary Johnson, CCWRT Webbed Feet on the Western Waters: Cincinnati and the River Navy
February 20, 2014 Dan Bauer, CCWRT Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Politics of Slavery
March 20, 2014 Mike Rhein, CCWRT General Lytle: Home Again
April 17, 2014 John Fazio, Cleveland CWRT The Confederate Secret Service and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
May 15, 2014 Greg Biggs, Clarksville CWRT

The Fall of Nashville and the Rise of the Sirens

September 18, 2014 Don Rightmyer Kentucky Bookends to the Civil War: Robert Anderson and Fort Sumter
October 16, 2014 Mark Holbrook, Ohio Humanities Council
Mr. Lincoln’s Cameraman: An Evening with Mathew Brady
November 20, 2014 Tom Parson, Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center
Work for Giants: The Campaign and Battle of Tupelo/Harrisburg
January 2015 Stephen Brown, CCWRT God and the Civil War
February 19, 2015 Bernie O’Bryan, Covington, KY A Conversation with General Lew Wallace
March 19, 2015 Martin Johnson, Miami University (Hamilton Campus) Making the New Birth of Freedom: The Gettysburg Address
April 16, 2015 Wayne Motts, National Civil War Museum Fighting the Civil War: Historical Treasures of the Conflict in the Collection of the National Civil War Museum
May 21, 2015 Christopher Phillips, University of Cincinnati North Star and Southern Cross: The Political War after the War in Ohio
September 17th, 2015 William Vodrey, Cleveland Civil War Roundtable Ohio's Civil War Governors
October 15, 2015  Michael Panhorst, Auburn University Lest We Forget: Memorial Art and Architecture on Civil War Battlefields
November 19, 2015 Andrew Homan, 6th OVI Reenacting Gettysburg and Other Battles
January 21, 2016 Gary Johnson, CCWRT Countering Mallory's Infernal Machines
February 18, 2016 Gene Schmiel, Washington D.C. Citizen General: Jacob D. Cox
March 17, 2016 Dr. Michael Adams: Northern Kentucky University Living Hell: The Dark Side of the Civil War
April 21, 2016 Stephen M. "Sam" Hood The Lost Papers of General John Bell Hood: Revelation and Redemption

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