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Lincoln's 1861 Inaugural Journey: Re-creation of His Cincinnati Visit, 12 February 2011

Video Produced By National Park Service

Event Held at Cincinnati Museum Center

©Cincinnati CWRT, 2012

150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Inaugural Journey Came To Cincinnati Museum Center on Saturday, February 12th

Lincoln, 2011 Feb 12

The video of this event is now available on YouTube:

On Saturday, February 12, 2011, the National Park Service tour group following President-elect Lincoln's route to his inauguration presented "The Momentous Issue of Civil War" in conjunction with Cincinnati Museum Center. William Dickson described the original event as "an outpouring of the people such as no man here ever before or since has received," and we were pleased with an outpouring of 600 people for the program, filling Reakirt Auditorium twice. Spirit Trickey, Park Ranger at the Central High School National Historic Site in Little Rock AR (where her mother made history as one of the "Little Rock Nine" in 1957) introduced the program and put it in historical context. The program featured Cincinnati Mayor R. M. Bishop's warm introduction of the President-elect (delivered by Jack Williams), and Mr. Lincoln's speech (delivered superbly by Fritz Klein). The speech of Frederick Oberkleine on behalf of two thousand German workingmen who gathered in front of the Burnet House was delivered with great gusto by Bob Allen, matching the original Cincinnati Daily Gazette's assessment that Oberkleine "spoke with great effect." The Kolping Saengerchor of Cincinnati presented the musical serenade presented to Mr. Lincoln by the German crowd assembled at the Burnet House.

This has been a great kickoff to our commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War period. CCWRT greatly appreciates the Cincinnati Museum Center's hosting of this event and the sponsorship of Vanessa Van Zant, Director of the Cincinnati History Museum. Shawn Kohrman, Adult Education Coordinator of the Cincinnati History Museum, developed the important idea to incorporate the unique aspects of Lincoln's visit to Cincinnati into the National Park Service's presentation. Shawn also acted as narrator for the program.

In recognition of the fact that Lincoln's visit occurred on his 52nd birthday and our commemoration occurred on the 202nd anniversary of his birthday, CMC presented attendees with a piece of birthday cake in honor of Mr. Lincoln.

Birthday Cake

For Bob Limoseth's report on the event, please see here.

Fritz Klein & Bob Limoseth

Fritz Klein, portraying Lincoln, and CCWRT Event Chair Bob Limoseth, 12 Feb 2011.

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