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Lytle Moument Restoration


2012-2013 Preservation Project: Support the Restoration of the Lytle Monument at Chickamauga: BG William Haines Lytle was a prominent lawyer and citizen of Cincinnati in 1861, when he organized and commanded the 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Known throughout the country as a poet, Lytle was killed in action as a brigade commander at the Battle of Chickamauga on 20 Sep 1863. A memorial monument was built in 1894 by Union veterans at the location of his death. Originally a pyramid of approximately 350 cannonballs, the "monument" now consists of only the side of the original pyramid that contains the identifying plaque. The other two sides of the monument have "disappeared" many years ago for unknown reasons, perhaps by vandalism or perhaps used to repair other monuments in the park.

Finally, something is being done to restore the monument to its original condition. A partnership has been formed to raise funds for the restoration between the Sons of Union Veterans William H. Lytle Camp #10 (Cincinnati) and the Friends of Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park (501-c-3). With an estimated cost of $65,00, the project's intent is to have the restoration completed and rededicated on the 150th Anniversary of the battle in 2013.

The dedication of the new monument is planned for 1:30 PM on Friday, 20 September 2013, at the Lytle Monument in the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park. Participants will include the Lytle Camp--SUVCW and the 6th OVI. Battlefield tours by Richard Manion will be available (White Star Battlefield Tours, Tours).

CCWRT has met our goal of funding the replacement of seven cannonballs at $200 each, with $1000 in donations from our members & friends, combined with a $500 donation from the CCWRT Preservation Fund.

For more information:

- Check this website for some excellent updates to the restoration of the Lytle Monument.

- SUVCW Lytle Camp #10:

- Friends of Chickamauga: This site includes photographs of the original monument and its current condition, and has arrangements for secure online contributions.

- A "sneak peek" of the monument, provided by Denny Brown's family.


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