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Information for New CCWRT Members

CCWRT is pleased to welcome you to membership in our group. This page is intended to present you with basic information, or links to basic information, that will familiarize you with CCWRT.

  • Key Facts: Basic information about meetings, reservations, dinner, costs, and officers' names/phone numbers/email addresses are on the About Us page, or on the last page of the Canister. The most basic points are that we meet eight times per year (Sep-Nov, Jan-May), and that a reservation is necessary a week in advance if you would like to have dinner at the meeting.

  • CCWRT Listserv: If you have an email address, your address will be added to the CCWRT Listserv when you become a member. The Listserv is the primary means by which we deliver the Canister to members, to minimize postage expense. However, it is also available to you to use to post questions or information for the other members of CCWRT. More information on the Listserv is available here.

  • Canister newsletter: As noted above, the newsletter Canister will be delivered to you by email unless you specifically request of the Treasurer that you be sent a paper copy by US Mail. The Canister is also posted on the CCWRT website as soon as it is published, and can be found from a link on the home page, just below the information on the next meeting. Past Canisters for several years are available on the website under the Canister button on the navigation bar at the top of the home page.

  • New Member Name Badges: The name of new members is printed in red on their name badge. This is to help the membership identify our newest additions to the Round Table so they can introduce themselves to you and help you feel welcome.

  • New to the Study of Civil War History? When John Steiner was a new member, he asked the question "If I want to learn about the Civil War, where do I start? What reading is best for an overview and for getting started on learning about the war?" This is not a simple question to answer! See the responses to this question from several "veteran" members What Should I Read First?

  • Inclement Weather: Please refer to About Us for our plans and communication methods in case of inclement weather.

  • CCWRT Website: The CCWRT website that you are currently using was created to enhance communications and learning among CCWRT members and friends. We hope that you will make good use of it. Here is a brief tour of the site.

    • Home Page: The home page will always include information on the speaker and subject for the next CCWRT meeting, as well as meeting date, time, and place. There are easy-to-use links on the page for the current issue of the Canister, and for making your dinner reservation for the next meeting. In addition, the page will often have "headlines" that call attention to items recently added to the site, or to upcoming events in which CCWRT members may be interested. If inclement weather occurs on meeting day, we will attempt to post any late news about the meeting on the home page. CCWRT Home Page

    • About Us: This page includes administrative information on membership costs, meetings logistics, directions, parking and access at the meeting location, dinner reservation requirements, meeting-only attendance, late reservations and walk-ins, late cancellations, and meeting cancellations. In addition, the current CCWRT Officers, Trustees, and committee chairs are named with phone numbers and email addresses. About Us

    • Canister: As noted above, the Canister section includes the current issue and past issues for several years. Canister

    • Research & Information: This section is intended to contain information that can be used by both CCWRT members and others in their Civil War research. It has major sections on local Civil War sites or events such as the 1862 Defense of the Cincinnati area, Camp Dennison, Spring Grove Cemetery, Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Depot, and the Ramage Museum in Battery Hooper Park in Fort Wright. It also contains information on general research subjects, such as Ohio in the War, Civil War genealogy, book reviews and other articles, and useful Civil War internet links. Research & Information

    • Your Contributions: We are always looking for new and useful information for the website, including book reviews, articles, and upcoming events. Contact the webmaster, CCWRT Webmaster.

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