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Joshua Hall Bates

By James Barnett

Originally published in Cincinnati CWRT Newsletter, (May?) 1968

©Cincinnati CWRT, 2008

Joshua Hall Bates was born March 25, 1818, at Boston, Mass. His father, Dr. George Bates, was a prominent Boston physician and a personal friend of Andrew Jackson. "Old Hickory" appointed young Bates a West Point cadet from where he was graduated July 1, 1847. He served in the regular army for 5 years, taking part in the war against the Seminole Indians in Florida, 1838-1839. While stationed at Ft. Niagara, N.Y., Lt. Bates resigned his commission and came to Cincinnati where he studied law and was admitted to the bar.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Governor William Dennison was given authority to name one major general and three brigadier generals to head the Ohio militia which was being called out to suppress the rebellion in the Southern states. McClellan was named the Major General while Jacob D. Cox, Newton Schleich, and Gen. Bates were named as the three Brigadier Generals. Gen. Bates helped establish Camp Dennison and is credited with organizing and sending to the field 15 Ohio regiments. Believing that at age 44 he was not young enough to go to the field, Gen. Bates resigned his Brigadier General's commission in the Ohio militia, Aug. 27, 1861. He was called back into service as a Brigadier General of militia when the Confederates threatened Cincinnati in Sept. 1862, but after the crisis was over, he retired to civilian life.

Gen. Bates was married to Elizabeth Dwight Hoadly, a sister of George Hoadly, 36th Governor of Ohio (1884-1886). Bates was a member of the electoral college in 1872 and served one term in the Ohio Senate.

His post-Civil War life was spent mostly as a practicing Cincinnati lawyer. Gen. Bates died at the age of 91 in Cincinnati, July 26, 1908, and was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery.

Joshua Hall Bates

Spring Grove Cemetery burial card for Joshua Bates ( Grove Cemetery burial card

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