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Next Meeting: Thursday, January 15, 2015

Location: West Pavilion at Drake Center, 151 West Galbraith Road. (More information about Drake Center and driving directions here.)

Speaker: Stephen Brown, Cincinnati Civil War Round Table

Topic: God, Lincoln and the Civil War

Our January speaker, Rev. Dr. Stephen Brown will tackle the issue of how religion shaped the Civil War. Religion played a much greater role in the lives of 19th century Americans than it does today. It is not surprising then that religious faith guided and divided the people and churches of both North and South. Faith served to motivate as well justify the actions of Civil War participants.

How could people who both supported and opposed slavery read the same Bible but reach very different interpretations and teachings and beliefs about slavery from that Bible? How could Northerners and Southerners worship the same God, but pray for radically different results? Considering both sides supported their cause based on their beliefs in God and their Biblical interpretations, how did a president who never professed to being a Christian, come to believe in God's judgment upon his country and its history resulted in the tragedy of our Civil War?

Rev. Dr. Stephen Brown graduated from the Ohio State University and then went onto to earn a Master of Divinity degree from Andover Newton Theological School and his Doctor of Ministry from the Methodist School of Ohio. Dr. Brown has served American Baptist and United Church of Christ congregations in Massachusetts and Ohio. He also worked in campus ministry in Worcester, Massachusetts and Dayton, Ohio. 

Stephen Brown is a 3 year member of the Cincinnati Civil War Roundtable and has been interested in the Civil War since he "borrowed" his father's Bruce Catton's trilogy on The Army of the Potomac at the age of 10. The Civil War is very much a family heritage. Robert E. Lee's mother's sister is Dr. Brown' s great-great grandmother; making Robert E. Lee a great uncle. His great grandfather, William D. Brown served in the 7th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Dr. Brown has taught a graduate course for teachers entitled Lee, Lincoln and Gettysburg and recently taught an expanded 6 weeks course on tonight's topic for an adult Sunday School class. He has visited numerous battlefields and has taken or "dragged" his wife and family to Gettysburg at least 8 different times over the past 30 years.

Make plans to attend January's and learn how Abraham Lincoln developed a personal "theology" which guided his understanding of God's role in the war and in turn guided his thoughts and actions. The often avoided topic of religion cannot be overlooked if one is to really understand what the Civil War was all about.


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